Before the release of Manhunt 2 game, there were features that were removed from the final product.

Characters and Gangs Edit

  • Leo Kasper had a different face.
  • Danny had a white t-shirt and blue pants in the Release Therapy ending cut-scene.
  • Project Militia was different.
  • The Legion gang members looked like Leo.
  • Innocent characters was once appeared and can be killed in the PS2 and PSP versions.
  • The Red Kings had a different look.

Weapons Edit

Levels Edit

Awakening Edit

  • The civilian character was cut off from the PS2 and PSP versions.
  • There were more beta Legion gang members.
  • The Plastic Bag was cut off from this level.

Ghosts Edit

Sexual Deviants Edit

  • The music in the dungeon was the same as the piece of music playing in the club where the stripper was dancing.
  • Early versions of Manhunt 2 had an error with the Dentist Chair environmental execution.
  • The puzzle of how to gain access to the 3 rooms with the environmental executions in the dungeon originally had a hidden door inside the middle room.

Red Light Edit

Safe House Edit

  • The door with the pad lock at the beginning of the game was absent in the beta.
  • The Crowbar was absent.

Bees Honey Pot Edit

  • The brothel and the level was supposedly named as The Honey Pot.

Assassination Edit

Most Wanted Edit

Origins Edit

  • During the intro cut-scene for this level, where Leo in Danny's body is choking the guard through the gap was originally a Project Scientist.
  • After being captured by The Watchdogs you could use a Fire Extinguisher execution to eliminate the Watchdog sergeant that is guarding the lab doorway.

Broadcast Interrupted Edit

  • Danny initially removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes during the introduction cut-scene for this level.
  • The first Bloodhound originally had a Fire Axe, instead off the Baseball Bat.

Altered State Edit

  • The section where you have to use a Crowbar to access the sewer pipe leading out of the starting area was slightly altered; originally it was not as obvious that you have to use a Crowbar to open the pipe in order to exit the area.

Domestic Disturbance Edit

  • Broken Fence Spike execution was cut off.

Personality Clash Edit

Release Therapy Edit

  • Originally, Danny was holding a Heavy Handgun.
  • Originally, Release Therapy was the final episode of the game.
  • During the ending cut-scene where Danny wakes up and sees Leo’s reflection in the mirror, Danny was wearing a white t-shirt with blue pants and Leo's reflection was wearing the green Dixmor inmate outfit.

Executions Edit

  • The Barbed Wire and Pliers executions were different.
  • Executions didn't have a filter.

Other Edit

  • Originally the flashback episodes did not start off by saying “6 Years Earlier”.
  • Danny and Leo went transparent when hiding.
  • The PS2 version of Manhunt 2 originally had the same quick select menu as used on the Nintendo Wii version of the game.