• I wish Manhunt 3 will have kinect or psmove integration.
  • I wish Manhunt 3 will be full hd in 42 fps (3d maybe?).
  • I wish Manhunt 3 still have those amazing voice actors who acted in Manhunt 2.
  • Will still have an engrossing story, and bloody gameplay with likeable characters still intact.
  • What happen to the old Manhant 3 Wishlish? Please being it back I still reading that. And GTA 4 Wishlish too Before it was release.
  • I wish Jack Thompson would shut up so they could work on Manhunt 3 with peace of mind (to the extent of that making a psychotic horror game allows, of course :))
  • I wish Manhunt 3 would have less shootouts, and more stealthy and instant-gore!Also, gun executions would be awesome, and so would anything that Rockstar remembers to add(Because they mostly have epic ideas).
  • I want Cash and some of the antagonist of Manhunt 1 back, like White Rabbit, Piggsy and more Scarecrow informations.
  • I wish the player gets more health, I complete 1 mission in 3 days.
  • Better graphics!
  • More Asylums!
  • More gangs.
  • More playable skins of antagonists.
  • More GTA or RDR references.
  • I want Camheads as some secret agents, not an inmates who are crazy as fuck.
  • I wish Manhunt 3 had customizable executions, where you could select parts of the victim to be hitten and/or different weapons to use in a single execution for instance.
  • I want they add suppressors to guns to do stealth kills with gun.
  • I want R* to add Redempton related Easter Eggs.
  • I want a Gta 5 style first person option.

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