TVMK Studios, the film and television studio in Cottonmouth, Manhunt 2 owned by The Project. The levels Broadcast Interrupted and Altered State are set here. The 5 Past High Noon, Frankie and the Freaks, The Terry Helmut Show, That Bitch Next Door, music, news and weather channel are filmed in the studios. Behind the studio there's a studio back lot that looks like a farm. The Bloodhounds are the only hunters here.

The Project shot coded messages through the TV-MK channel straight into their agents’ heads, to make them do horrible things. That's how The Watchdogs and Project Militia are on to Danny and Leo.

Weapons and Items Edit

Broadcast Interrupted

Altered State

Environmental Executions Edit

Broadcast Interrupted

Altered State

Vehicles Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the Kids Studio, you can see the White Rabbit from the original Manhunt hanging dead from the ceiling.
  • You can view a video of Leo killing people with the Katana near the news set.

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