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Three Bloodhound Variants

The Bloodhounds are an organization of Southern bounty hunters hired by The Project to capture Danny and Leo.

They do their job mostly for the money but also for the fun of hunting. They enjoy their job more than an average hunter. They have much help from helicopters and by other Bloodhounds and are heavily armed. They hunt in groups and are skilled at what they do. They appear in the Episodes: Most Wanted, Broadcast Interrupted and Altered State. Their weapons of choice are the Sub-Machine Gun, the Shotgun + Light, the Crossbow, the Assault Rifle, the Heavy Handgun, the Light Handgun, the Baseball Bat and the Sickle.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the Bloodhounds looks similar to some of the Wardogs from the Original Manhunt.

Bloodhounds' Names Edit

  • Cletus
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Bloodhounds holding Uzis