These are the outfits or costumes that are found in both games either default or unlockable:


Cash is wearing a Prison outfit, on a back of a shirt it says "County Jail"

Cash will have the outfits if he completes the scenes with a 5 star ranking:

  • Rabbit Skin: The White Rabbit
  • Monkey Skin: The Monkeys
  • Piggsy Skin: Piggsy

Manhunt 2Edit

Danny is wearing a Dixmor Asylum Inmate outfit.

Danny is seen wearing:

  • Casual 1, and 2 outfits
  • Scientist outfit
  • White Dixmor Asylum inmate outfit

Leo is also wearing a Dixmor Asylum inmate outfit.

Leo is seen wearing:

  • White Dixmor Asylum Inmate outfit
  • Casual outfit